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 A bluehouse show is world famous because it is true entertainment.  Not jaded performers with a deadpan 'look at  me' attitude, but fully engaged entertainers who banter freely with their audience sharing intimate self-deprecating stories of life on and off the road. 

bluehouse guarantee you will laugh, hum along, possibly dance and maybe shed a tear or two

but you will not go home disappointed.

  ..they’ve been described as ‘rambunctious’ by the Indigo Girls, had sell-out seasons & 5-star reviews at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in Scotland,toured for the last 20 years regularly in Australia, the USA & Canada, supported Tommy Emmanuel on his Australian, European and North American tours and most recently played the Sydney Opera House ….
These girls have forged one hell of a long-term career out of this music thing.  
                     The creative partnership of Bern Carroll and Jacqui Walter has given birth to four full-length CD's, a video(!) & DVD plus a truckload of  international and national tours, and all of this while staying steadfastly independent.
Ah, but what kind of music I hear you ask?  
Well take an acoustic guitar and an electric  bass, combined with 2 powerhouse vocals singing  original songs and what do you get?? 
Yep, endless possibilities... 
These girls write and perform everything from the tenderest ballad to screaming rock-out breakup anthems - and that’s just the tip of the iceberg.....