Greetings. Yes we are still here

30 June, 2014 By Jac

Hello everyone, Just a quick update from us. Bern did a solo gig on Phillip Island on the weekend so keeping her guitar playing and singing chops up to speed. I (Jac) am still in corporate land but have been … Continue reading

important news for our wonderful fans.

23 March, 2012 By Bern

This year we have been making music for 20 years. During that time we have been so blessed being able to travel the world doing what we love. We have also remained staunchly independent. We have recorded cd’s that we … Continue reading


The difference between a BLOG and NEWS

6 September, 2011 By Bern

I kinda got thinking that maybe they were the same thing, so why did we have different sections on the page, but then i went a-googling (ooooh, and i so love that tool!!) From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia For the … Continue reading


Upcoming Shows

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